About Industrial Land

Industrial land is land zoned to accommodate economic activity having to do with the production, distribution, repair, and storage of goods. The location of industrial businesses and the related patterns of goods movement affect the region’s ability to compete globally, provide living-wage jobs to residents, and meet greenhouse gas reduction targets. 

Study Background

This website showcases the findings from the Goods Movement and Industrial Land Supply study conducted by UC-Berkeley with funding from Caltrans via the University of California Transportation Center (Award #65A0528 TO 001). The study’s report, entitled Industrial Land and Jobs Study for the San Francisco Bay Area, is meant to complement the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s San Francisco Bay Area Goods Movement Plan (2016), which identifies critical areas for goods movement in the region, finding concentrations of economic activity and congestion – and resultant need for investment -- particularly in the East and South Bay. The Plan suggests the need for a goods movement strategy that supports global competitiveness, smarter delivery systems, and modernized infrastructure via public-private partnerships that invest particularly in rail infrastructure and the Port of Oakland.

The Industrial Land and Jobs Study adds an analysis of the demand for and supply of industrially zoned land in the nine-county region, both now and in the future. Throughout the course of the study, UC-Berkeley researchers coordinated closely with the staff of the Association of Bay Area Governments, as well as a Technical Advisory Committee consisting of city officials in economic development and planning, as well as business associations focused on industrial businesses or real estate.  The Study consists of five technical memos and an executive summary.

Project Leads



Technical Advisory Committee

Micah Weinberg
Vice President, BACEI

Cynthia Murray
President & CEO, North Bay Leadership Council

Egon Terplan
Regional Planning Director, SPUR

Steve Levy Ph.D
Director and Senior Economist, CCSCE

Greg Greenway
Executive Director, Seaport Industrial Association

Rich Seithel
Chief of Annexations & Economic Stimulus Contra Costa County, Northern Waterfront Initiative

Laurel Prevetti
Community Development Director, Los Gatos

Kelly Kline
Economic Development Director, Fremont

Steve Wertheim
City Planner, San Francisco Planning

Mathew Davis
Port of Oakland

Rick Auerbach

Patrick Tyner

Joan Malloy
Union City

Carmela Cambell
Union City

Alexandra Endress

Steven Durant
Antioch City Manager

John Montagh
Concord Economic Development & Housing