Industrial Land Studies from North America

Los Angeles, CA
Industrial Land Use Policy Initiative

Milpitas, CA
Industrial Land Conversion Assessment

Morgan Hill, CA
Industrial Lands and Southeast Market Study

Napa County, CA
Industrial Land Use Study

Oakland, CA
CEDA Informational Report on Industrial Land & Activities

San Francisco, CA
Industrial Land in San Francisco: Understanding Production, Distribution, and Repair

Supply/demand study for Production, Distribution and Repair (PDR) in San Francisco's Eastern Neighborhoods

An Alternative Future for the North East Mission Industrial Zone

San Jose, CA
Towards the Future: Jobs, Land Use and Fiscal Issues in San Jose’s Key Employment Areas 2000-2020

A Case Study of the San Jose Employment Land Conversion Analysis

Sunnyvale, CA
Sunnyvale Workplace Demand and Capacity Study (COMING SOON)

Denver, CO
Industrial Land Use Study

Washington, DC
Industrial Land in a Post-Industrial City: District of Columbia Industrial Land Use Study

Ward 5 Industrial Land Study (June 2014)

Ward 5 Industrial Land Transformation Study (August 2014)

Lee County, FL
Commercial / Industrial Land Use Analysis

Ames, IA
Staff Report Industrial Study

Chicago, IL
Corridors of Industrial Opportunity: A Plan for Industry in Chicago

Boston, MA
Boston’s Industrial Spaces: Industrial Land and Building Spaces in Boston and Its Neighborhoods

Baltimore, MD
Industrial Land Use Analysis

Harford County, MD
Industrial Land Inventory

Prince Georges County, MD
An Evaluation of Recent Industrial Land Use Studies: Do Theory and History Matter in Practice?

Industrial Land Needs and Employment Study (May 2010)

State of Maryland
Maritime Industrial Retention and Growth Management Strategy

Montgomery, Maryland
Consultant Study of Industrial Land Use In Montgomery County (October 2013)

Minneapolis, MN
Industrial Land Use Study and Employment Policy Plan

Charlotte, NC
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Industrial Market Analysis

Durham, NC
Durham Industrial Land Study (March 2013)

East Fishkill, NY
Industrial Zoning Study

New York, NY
Protecting and Growing New York City’s Industrial Job Base

Up from the Ruins: Why Rezoning New York City's Manufacturing Areas for Housing Makes Sense

Making it in New York: The Manufacturing Land Use and Zoning Initiative; Manufacturing green: Producing a Sustainable NYC

Engines of Opportunity, Reinvigorating New York City’s Manufacturing Zones for the 21st Century (November 2014)

Portland, OR
Citywide Industrial Land Inventory & Assessment

Industrial Districts Atlas

Central Eastside Industrial Zoning Study/Central Eastside Market Analysis

Portland-Vancouver MSA
Regional Industrial Land Use Study

Industrial Districts Atlas

Central Eastside Industrial Zoning Study/Central Eastside Market Analysis

Philadelphia, PA
An Industrial Market and Land Use Strategy for the City of Philadelphia (September 2010)

Industrial Land & Market Strategy (April 2011)

State of Oregon
Promoting Prosperity: Protecting Prime Industrial Land for Job Growth

State of Rhode Island
Industrial Land Use Plan

Arlington County, VA
Industrial Land Use and Zoning Study

Alexandria, VA
Industrial Use Study (July 2015)

Kirkland, WA
Industrial Zoning Study

Puget Sound Region, WA
Industrial Lands Analysis Report (March 2015)

Industrial Lands Analysis Slideshow (July 2015)

Seattle, WA
Industrial Lands Survey

Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Employment Lands Municipal Comprehensive Review (November 2011)

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
2013-22 Industrial Land Strategy (May 2013)

Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Employment Land Strategy Review (March 2015)

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Comprehensive Review of Employment Lands Study (February 2010)

London, Ontario, Canada
Industrial Lands Study (November 2012)

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Employment Lands Study (September 2013)

Squamish, BC, Canada
Employment Lands Study (August 2014)

Strathcona, Vancouver, Canada
Industrial Lands Strategy (March 2013)

Wood Buffalo, Alberta, Canada
Commercial and Industrial Land Use Study (January 2010)

Vancouver, BC (Canada)
Industrial Lands Strategy: Updating Vancouver's Industrial Zoning (COMING SOON)

Opportunities for the Intensive Use of Industrial Land (February 2013)

Metro Vancouver Industrial Land Protection and Intensification Policies (October 2014)